Foster Care Program

Children enter foster care when they've been in situations in which they've been abused, neglected, have experienced a significant loss, or have otherwise not had their needs met. The experience of being taken out of their home can bring about feelings of confusion, anxiety, fear, grief, anger, and loss of control. Providing care for young people that have all of these experiences and feelings can be difficult, but for those who make the commitment, it can be a rewarding and life changing experience...Read More


Community Based Services 

Operating under the conviction that youth should be with their families and served in their communities whenever and wherever possible, SCYAP’s Community-Based Services are non-residential services that are provided within the youth/family’s home, school or community. Services are provided at times when our youth and families can best access them (i.e., afterschool, in the evenings, on weekends). The overarching goals of the programs provided in the SCYAP community-based array of services are to treat and maintain youth in their homes...Read More


Mental Health Services

Mental Health Services are planned, face to face therapeutic interactions between a trained and qualified clinical professional and an individual recipient, a family unit, or a group of recipients with similar clinical needs. Therapy Services at SCYAP use a range of clinical techniques, strategies, and modalities depending on the recipient’s needs and diagnosis...Read More

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A little more about us

SCYAP was established in 1990 to provide out of home, specialized foster care for youth with special needs. Services began in Charleston, SC and quickly spread up the state’s coastline. As the number of foster homes and youth and families being served by SCYAP continued to increase, the State Office was relocated to Columbia and regional offices were opened throughout the state.

Since our inception, SCYAP has grown in our scope of work and service spectrum. While our largest program continues to be foster care services, a significant part of our array of services now includes non-residential, community-based services.

Today, SCYAP offers a comprehensive array of programs and services to youth and families dealing with difficult issues and crises. Creativity and flexibility in our programming and service delivery are the mainstays of our approach to working with youth and families, placing their needs at the forefront of everything we do.

WE BELIEVE: SCYAP believes that every child has the right to a permanent home and family; that a child’s family and community are valuable resources for promoting positive growth and overall development.

WE SERVE: SCYAP promotes the use of community-based alternatives to institutional care, provided within the least restrictive environment appropriate for meeting the needs of every individual and family member receiving company services.

WE DO: SCYAP develops and provides a wide range of therapeutic services to meet the needs of children and their families. SCYAP collaborates with the family, community and other agencies to provide individualized care and family services that promotestability. SCYAP strives to help children and their families reach their potential.

Because of the nature and flexibility of our individualized programs, SCYAP maintains a broad and relatively inclusive admissions policy. SCYAP serves both male and female clients and does not discriminate by race, color, religious creed, ancestry, gender, national origin, sexual orientation, or the seriousness or complexity of disability or need.

The primary target population served by SCYAP is considered to be at-risk or special needs youth. We serve youth with a broad spectrum of emotional, behavioral, mental, and medical needs and their families. Typically these youth and are in need of out-of-home therapeutic services, community-based programming, and/or in-home intervention. Depending on the service, SCYAP is able to serve youth ages birth through twenty-one.


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