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SCYAP is proud to offer comprehensive programs and services for youth

SCYAP is proud to offer comprehensive programs and services for youth, families, our referring agency partners, and the communities we serve.

Our foster care programs and community-based services include both prevention and intervention strategies aimed at strengthening families and ensuring children are cared for in a safe and nurturing manner.

Foster Care

WRAParound Services

Mental Health Services

In-Home Family Services

Transportation Services

School-Based Mental Health Services

Summary of Foster Care Services

SCYAP Foster Care Services focus on the power of family.  In a foster home, children who have suffered abuse and neglect, have the opportunity to share in healthy family relationships, to experience positive parenting, to learn and practice pro-social skills, and to productively participate in community life.

At SCYAP, there are two different kinds of foster care: Therapeutic Foster Care and Traditional Foster Care. It can get a little confusing to try to figure out the difference between these two programs, but they are in fact distinctive services and the requirements and expectations of the foster parents providing Therapeutic Foster Care or Traditional Foster Care are also different.

While both Therapeutic and Traditional Foster Care provide a nurturing, safe, and caring home to children who require placement away from their families, the services provided to the children and youth and role of the foster parent is different.

SCYAP foster parents can provide either Therapeutic Foster Care or Traditional Foster Care, or they can provide both Therapeutic Foster Care and Traditional Foster Care (at the same time or independently), depending on the status and needs of the child(ren)/youth placed in their home.

Summary of Community-Based Wraparound Services

Operating under the conviction that youth should be with their families and served in their communities whenever and wherever possible. SCYAP’s Community-Based Services (CBS) are non-residential services for youth that are provided within the youth/family’s home, school or community.

The Community-Based Wraparound Services Program, more commonly referred to as the WRAP program, is the largest collection of services within the South Carolina Youth Advocate Program’s (SCYAP’s) Community-Based Service.

WRAP services are therapeutic activities and treatment interventions provided to youth with behavioral health and other special needs. Services are implemented within the youth’s or family’s home or community and are facilitated by an assigned SCYAP Wrap Advocate who provides one-on-one services to the youth and/or to the family with support, supervision and guidance from SCYAP staff.


Summary of Mental Health Services

SCYAP’s Mental Health Services (MHS) for youth are provided by mental health professionals using individualized treatment plans to meet the client and family’s needs with individual therapy and/or family therapy. SCYAP is committed to providing trauma-informed, family focused services to improve the lives of children, youth, and families. We are sensitive to the unique strengths and challenges each child has and are committed to helping overcome these challenges to improve each client’s overall wellness and quality of life. SCYAP’s Mental Health Services include Consultation and Assessment, Individual Counseling, Family Counseling, and In-Home Support Services.

Summary of In-Home Family Services

In-Home Family Services are a combination of clinical and community-based services that come together to create an intensive and comprehensive program tailored to meet the needs of the youth and his or her family. Services are provided to families in their homes.

Services may include (but are not limited to) Behavioral Health Screening and/or Diagnostic Assessment, Service Plan Development, Individual and Family Therapy, Rehabilitative Psychosocial Services, Behavior Modification, Crisis Management, Family Support, and/or Transportation.

Summary of Transportation Services

At SCYAP, we recognize the importance of having transportation services as part of a comprehensive array of services available to youth and families so that they might access treatment and other needed/required services and to allow families to work toward reunification.

Summary of School-Based Mental Health Services

SCYAP is responding to the national and state call to mitigate the child and adolescent mental health crisis and improve access to school-based mental health services (SBMHS) by adding SBMHS to its array of community-based services.

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