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Summer Fun Indoors

Jul 19

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7/19/2017 1:34 PM  RssIcon

The following activities are bound to help keep you and the little ones preoccupied when going outside feels like stepping into an unwanted sauna. 

  • Make some homemade play dough. There are several websites that offer recipes using items you have around the house. A suggestion of a website for homemade play dough recipes is Family Education. Some recipes are even edible and can double as an activity and a snack!
  • Play hide and seek with household items. You can also make something together and take turns hiding and seeking that item. Kids love to go on adventures, so use your imagination and encourage your child to use theirs to create a hide-and-seek adventure.
  • Play a board game. It may seem simple, but there’s just never enough time in the evening to pull out a board game and play it all the way to the end. Here’s your chance! Teach your child how to play a simple board game like Chutes and LaddersUno, or Don’t Break the Ice.
  • Have an indoor picnic. Let your child help you make it all, from the sandwich to the beverage and all of the sides! Don’t forget to let your child be involved in picking their own plate, setting the table and finding a cup in the cupboard that is perfect for lunch.
  • Do a craft together. Kids love to create new things and it can be easy to let them be creative with some household items, paper and glue. Ask your child to create a picture for grandma or grandpa using items like marshmallows, noodles, pretzels, M&Ms, etc. You can also use non-food items like buttons, photographs in magazines and scraps of fabric.

This list and others can be found at http://msue.anr.msu.edu.

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Re: Summer Fun Indoors

Such time of the year as a wonderful summer for walking with children. We have a program for almost every day with my younger brothers, where to go and where to go for a walk. True, this summer we allocated several days to toulmin argument topics to make it easier for my brothers to study in the school year. Spend time with your family, and then everyone will be happy!

By Rebecca on   2/26/2019 6:02 AM

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