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    There are multiple ways in which you can help a child at SCYAP.  Be a Foster Parent! Be a Youth Advocate! Make a donation to one of our special programs! Click here to learn more about how you...

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    The Traditional Foster Care Program is a collaborative program between SCYAP and the South Carolina (DSS).Click here to learn more about becoming a traditional foster parent.

  • Be a Therapeutic Foster Parent

    Therapeutic Foster Care is foster care that provides youth with a higher level of structure and support. TFC provides a combination of hard work and heart work.  Click here to learn more about...

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  • Ask about our Community-Based Services

    Non-residential services provided face-to-face with youth and families in the home, school or community.  Click here to learn more about SCYAP Community-Based Services.

Who We Serve

Because of the nature and flexibility of our individualized programs, SCYAP maintains a broad and relatively inclusive admissions policy. SCYAP serves both male and female clients and does not discriminate by race, color, religious creed, ancestry, gender, national origin, sexual orientation, or the seriousness or complexity of disability or need.  

The primary target population served by SCYAP is considered to be at-risk or special needs youth.  We serve youth with a broad spectrum of emotional, behavioral, mental, and medical needs and their families.  Typically these youth and are in need of out-of-home therapeutic services, community-based programming, and/or in-home intervention.  Depending on the service, SCYAP is able to serve youth ages birth through twenty-one.

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