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Mission and Ideals

Mission and Ideals

SCYAP believes that every child has the right to a permanent home and family; that a child’s family and community are valuable resources for promoting positive growth and overall development.

SCYAP promotes the use of community-based alternatives to institutional care, provided within the least restrictive environment appropriate for meeting the needs of every individual and family member receiving company services.

SCYAP develops and provides a wide range of therapeutic services to meet the needs of children and their families.  SCYAP collaborates with the family, community and other agencies to provide individualized care and family services that promote stability. SCYAP strives to help children and their families reach their potential.

In dealing with very troubled youth and their families, SCYAP has established strong ideals to keep our mission at the forefront of our operations. These ideals include:

Our commitment to our youth and families is steadfast and never ending.  We will persevere with them, even when the barriers appear insurmountable and solutions obscure.

Our success as an organization is intrinsically tied to the success of our youth and their families.

We will provide flexible, adaptable, and innovative programming to best meet the needs of our youth and families and we will advocate for the creation of modified and/or new programming when the available service array is inadequate for meeting their needs.

We will be open-minded and inclusive in our approach to working with children and families and be respectful of the culture and heritage of our youth and families.

We are committed to the growth and development of our staff and foster parents.  Only through their continued learning and increased abilities are we best able to meet our mission.

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